AirSolaris to be launched at World Expo in Milan


AirSolaris to be launched at World Expo in Milan

EnergySolaris is thrilled to announce its participation with the Moldova Pavilion at the upcoming World Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life.

This special opportunity is thanks to the vision and support of MIEPO (Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation), the part of the Moldovan Ministry of Economy responsible for Moldova’s participation.

With 20 million visitors expected between May and October, Expo 2015 is the perfect launchpad for the company’s debut product AirSolaris: a 4-in-1 Solar Air System, 100% designed and made in Moldova.

For the first time the functions of: 1) slow cooking, 2) fruit-drying, 3) space heating, and 4) controlled ventilation, are offered in a singular solar product, or any product for that matter.

AirSolaris not only fits both the food and the energy themes of the event, its fast-tracked development was inspired by the Expo 2015 theme itself: Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life.

The functional EnergySolaris display (see above) will be located outside at the North-East corner of Moldova’s first ever stand-alone pavilion at a World Expo (see video below).

EnergySolaris would like to give special thanks to Dona Scola (Director, MIEPO), Adrian Ciofu and the MIEPO team, Radu Balan (Moldova Pavilion Project Manager), Pavel Braila (visual artist) and Gorgona (architects), for their creative support.

The company is also extremely grateful to the kind individuals who have given and offered financial support towards this initiative.

EnergySolaris is seeking further partners to support its fullest participation in this unique 6-month event.

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