More and more people need cooling to survive in a warming world. But without a technology breakthrough, rising demand for air conditioning means that by 2050, it could account for 37% of all electricity used globally. And experts say greener air conditioning would prevent more carbon emissions than solar farms, rooftop solar, LED lighting and electric vehicles combined.

Imagine we could cool air in buildings – and even in hot-humid outdoor areas – naturally, using only the sun and water harvested from the air?

Introducing AirSolaris COOL — air conditioning re-invented.

AirSolaris COOL uses much less electricity (~5X less) than today’s vapour compression cooling.
Advanced technologies remove moisture from air to create liquid water (like in a galaxy far far away) and cool the air. At the same time. Without climate-harming HFC refrigerants.
AirSolaris COOL provides 24/7 solar-driven comfort thanks to non-electric energy storage that is dense (compact), safe (non-explosive, no harmful chemicals) and nearly lossless (storage does not degrade over years). The reduced electricity needed can be self-produced with solar PV and stored in batteries.
In hot-humid areas, over 80% of the lifetime cost of conventional cooling is grid electricity. The AirSolaris COOL process leverages robust technologies, such as ultra-efficient solar air collectors and heat exchangers, with long lifetime and modest maintenance requirements. And the investment cost is expected to compare favourably to existing alternatives.

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