Business matching ‘safari’ in Australia

Business matching ‘safari’ in Australia

In November and December, our CTO Roman Vasilascu visited Australia for business matching purposes, with support from the EBRD Star Venture program. The objectives of the visit included:

  • Pursuing business opportunities opened by Corellian, our Australian NewCo
  • Scoping product research collaborations with relevant researchers and universities
  • Connecting with climate-tech investors and validating our plans against their investment theses
  • Strengthening relationships with strategic partners

A highlight of the visit was participating in a 2-day workshop on ‘Challenges of developing solar cooling’ with scientists at CSIRO Energy, in Newcastle, NSW, organised as part of a project with Corellian.

We also visited the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, and Greenhouse Tech Hub (with the million-dollar view over Sydney Harbour); met Investors (Investible, UNSW Founders, Techstars Sydney) and a Supplier in Sydney, NSW; and planned design/prototyping next steps with a strategic partner, who also introduced the company to a leading HVAC company.

Special thanks to our EBRD contacts, Alexandra and Maria, for their support in making this visit possible.

UoW Visit
Greenhouse Visit