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The burning need is to make our buildings much more energy-efficient because heating and cooling are the biggest causes of global warming.

Countries are shifting to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) where all energy is produced on – or near – the building from renewables like solar.
But today most onsite solar resources are wasted, and measures like air-tight windows and insulation can harm indoor air quality. And we all need fresh air. In many countries people spend 90% of time indoors.
Efforts to address climate change are complicated by rocketing demand for cooling in emerging markets. Today’s inefficient air conditioners drive the issues of peak grid demand, and their HFC refrigerants increase the damage.
The world will install 1.6 billion new air conditioners by 2050. Making them 30% more efficient (and without harmful refrigerants) will cut 10% of the CO2e emissions budgeted to keep Earth under 2 ˚C of warming.


Introducing AirSolaris — technology four times more efficient than solar PV.

AirSolaris heats fresh air: sun heats metal, metal heats air. But it’s how it does this, a unique thermo-optic design that saw the AirSolaris  PLUS  collector hit 70% efficiency in ISO 9806 tests at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.
Yet few people have heard about solar air technology, mainly because there has not been a compelling summer use for hot air in buildings.
Until now.


AirSolaris  COOL  — the first application of solar air technology for cooling. And not just any cooling: integration with 3rd party technologies that have the highest energy saving potential of any thermally-driven form of cooling.

AirSolaris  COOL  will massively cut costs and carbon, all year round, whilst also enhancing indoor air quality. Music to the ears of governments and enterprise.
And with a hardware-as-a-service – or ‘ESCO’ energy-savings – revenue model AirSolaris  COOL  will deliver both healthy margins and a service to customers for less than their existing monthly bills for heating and air conditioning.
After the Paris Agreement – and decision to phase-out HFC refrigerants under the Montreal Protocol – now is the time for solar Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
And with AirSolaris  COOL  you get compact solar plus cheaper energy storage, driving cooling that uses less than half the electricity. Which extends electric battery life.


The EnergySolaris team is super-passionate, has relevant expertise and learns fast. It is backed by high-calibre advisers and researchers. And making progress.

  • A solar air heating collector design more efficient than the market leaders
  • Developing and demoing the world’s first indoor solar oven at EXPO 2015 in Milan (22 million visitors)
  • Collaborating with Fraunhofer ISE, Europe’s largest energy research institute
  • Winning innovation grants (from the EU and UNDP) and pitching competitions
  • Finding a path to simpler solar cooling that can also help take the solar air category to the mainstream
  • Generating interest from major corporations
  • Selected (from 800 applicants) in the TOP 30 global startups to be Official Participants at the -Future Energy- EXPO in Astana
  • Named as European Business Angel Network’s ePlus Entrepreneur of the Month (April 2017).


Erik Parsons

CEO & Co-founder

Ana Hajdau

CMO & Co-founder

Roman Vasilascu

CTO & Co-founder

Join us.

Do you have expertise in green buildings, HVAC, solar thermal, IoT or energy storage? Passionate about smart cities, cleantech and energy efficiency?
We’re on the lookout for collaborators, partners and early-stage investors that want to shape the future with us.

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